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Welcome to Glocal Lifelearn e.V.!

We are a small NGO supporting educational initiatives to help overcome poverty. We work closely with local partners. We see ourselves as a global network that supports our partners in their work.

We currently have two sponsorship programmes in Uganda. The programme ‘Lifeline Uganda’ pays the school fees (for primary and secondary education) of students from vulnerable families. The programme ‘Take.Action’ supports young Ugandans by paying the tuition fees for vocational training.

Check out our website and find out about our projects and about us. Also look at the possibilities to get involved!

Our sponsorship programmes

Lifeline Uganda

LifeLine Uganda

Das The programme supports children from poor families in Eastern Uganda by covering their school fees and providing them with books and other school materials. €190 is sufficient to pay for the school fees of one student for one year.Read more...

Take Action

Take Action

The sponsorship programme supports young Ugandans from poor backgrounds to do a vocational training. We support them on their way to a self-determined life. By paying the tuition fees of 130 Euro, you can enable students to successfully complete a vocational training and change their lives. Read more...


December 2018

Glocal LifeLearn e.V. wishes a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. We are already looking forward to continue making a sustainable impact for many Ugandan children and adoloscents.