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Success stories

Our partners at BUYOPA stroke out for us to get some voices of young people who had graduated already and successfully completed their vocational training at BVC in order to use their skills to create a new life for themselves. The stories tell us about difficult situations in life and heavy blows but also about hope, strength and success!

Obore Justine

Success story Obore | Carpenter

My name is Obore, 22 years, I am a carpenter in Level 1. My father and my mother both never had a chance to go to school. I am a first born of seven children of our parents.

My highest level of education is primary seven, I could not continue with my studies because my parents could not afford to pay for me fees due to our family background characterized by domestic violence, struggle for the little customary land between my father and his other brothers. So I remained home for many years hopeless and agonized for being a child in such a situation.

In my state of hopelessness, I lived to admire my friends and better relatives going to attend the studies at secondary or vocational training institution offering trainings and studies at a higher cost because their parents were able to pay for their fees. I knew that there was no chance for me to go to school any more.

It was until February 2016 that I got a golden chance to train as a carpenter at relatively fair cost and poor people's friendly fees and atmosphere in a vocational skills training project for the vulnerable young people and marginalized women in BUYOPA in Bukedea.

I am forever grateful to BUYOPA for giving me a chance I would not have, and for changing my life from hopeless to hopeful and self-reliant. As a carpenter at a lower level I can earn money daily through sales of my tables, chairs, doors, windows, and cupboards that I make using my hand tools. I am a proud old student of BUYOPA because of a life transformation and economic empowerment given to me. I feel I can confront my future and support my parents meeting their daily needs, and pay fees for young brothers and sisters. For sure BUYOPA vocational skills training has greatly influenced my destiny and that of our family.

From zero to a hero; I train my young brothers on carpentry at home, give financial support to my parents and my sisters, I can give back to my community by repairing desks in my nearby primary school and church, I am sure of my employment every day.

In conclusion, I think vocational skills training for self-reliance is the most sure way out for the vulnerable children and youth, increasing access to vocational skills training is the most effective and sure way to release young people from poverty.


Ariko John Bosco

Success story Ariko John | Bricklayer

My name is Ariko, 21 years old, I am a brick layer in Level 1. I was neglected by my father at 1 year old when my Daddy divorced my mother. My grandfather told me, my father disappeared and remarried in an unknown place and my mother too left, trying to get decent settlement. I grew up under the care of my mother’s parents. I am a first born of seven children of my homeless and illiterate mother.

With the help of my grandparents I have only attended school up to primary six, I could not continue with my studies because my grandparents could not afford it for me. So I remained home for many years hopeless and worried about what my future would be.

It was in January, 2016 when my mother came home and notified every one that she was in Bukedea Town struggling to survive and support her five other children by working as a cleaner in a clinic and some ones' house. My mother told me of a chance for me to go for vocational skills training in BUYOPA it was such good news to me although I did not know how it would work out especially with fees. Then my mother asked me if I would be willing to go to Bukedea Town to work alongside her to be able to raise my training fees, this I accepted without doubt or fear, so I got the job as a cleaner in Okona clinic. The manager was kind to me that he allowed me to be attending my training after cleaning the place. It was quite a difficult moment for me to balance work and training, and sometimes I felt embarrassed at myself when my peers looked at me and their opinion about how I was living, embarrassed at the life my mother and kids lived in Bukedea Town but I had to carry on until I finished my training last year in July.

I am so grateful to the administration of BUYOPA for being so considerate and understanding to my situation, such that whenever I came late for my lessons for the reason of life style they could encourage me and sometimes the director could counsel me as though a father.

BUYOPA vocational skills training project has saved my future and my destiny, I cannot imagine a kind of project as this in our country, for me BUYOPA is the best for people like me I wish they had a chance too. I am delivered from a wander world, worries, poverty and death. With the building skill I have, I get construction contracts at private sites and companies in which I can earn a living for my mother and her children and take care of my needs.

I am working hard to save my money to buy land and establish a home to settle my mother, because I feel I have gotten empowered to be responsible, important and economically included. I am a hero, and my mother remains a big hero of my life.