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Sponsorship programme Lifeline Uganda

Lifeline Uganda is a European initiative to support children from poor families in Uganda. Lifeline Uganda covers their school fees and provides them with books and other school materials.

Our partner, the Bukedea Lifeline Schools, in Bukedea district, Eastern Uganda, have 1700 pupils aged 4 to 18 years. It offers quality education at a low price to children from poor families. Many children in the district would like to attend the school but cannot afford to do so.

Bukedea has been badly hit by HIV/AIDS, which has left many children as orphans. The area is drought-prone, and suffers from high unemployment.

The local community nominates children for Lifeline Uganda support; only the neediest and most vulnerable children are selected by a committee of local elders, church leaders and school officials.

Only €190 per year is enough to send a child to school for a year. More information about schools and sponsorship programme can be found on the navigation on the left side.

Any contribution is welcome.

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