The Bukedea Lifeline Schools in Uganda



Bukedea Lifeline Schools

The Bukedea Lifeline Schools belong to the best schools in Eastern Uganda. The schools founded in 2003 are composed of a preschool, a primary school and a secondary school.  About 40 teachers educate the around 1700 students from age 4 to 18.

The schools are located in the small town of Bukedea in the district Bukedea in Eastern Uganda, approximately 7 hours from the capital Kampala. From the over 40 ethnic groups living in Uganda, mainly the Iteso are living in the Bukedea District.


The Bukedea District has been badly hit by HIV/AIDS, which has left many children as orphans. The area is drought-prone, and suffers from high unemployment. The educational situation is poor. The academic performance of the schools in the area still lags behind national standards. The Ugandan government has achieved to increase the number of children going to school, but at the expense of the quality of education. Overcrowded and badly equipped classrooms are widespread.


The founders and today’s directors founded the schools in 2003 with the goal of improving educational situation of the area. The founders themselves come from Bukedea. The schools place a strong emphasis on high quality education at low cost.




A success story

Julius Adome Ben, co-founder of the Bukedea Lifeline Schools, also needed help to complete his education. After his father died, a generous foreigner paid for his school education. That made it possible for him to go on to university which enabled him to get a position in a development organisation. Now he wants to help others in the same way through the Bukedea Lifeline Schools and the partnership with Glocal LifeLearn.

School development

Since their foundation the schools have continuously been extended. In 2012 a building complex for a girl’s dormitory was completed. In January 2013 the primary school moved into two new building blocks.  A boy’s dormitory is currently being planned.

Equal partnership

Through regular communication and visits to Bukedea in the past few years, a strong partnership built upon mutual trust has developed between the Lifeline Schools and Glocal LifeLearn. The Bukedea Lifeline Schools and Glocal LifeLearn both pursue the goal to improve livelihoods through education and both work on a voluntary basis.





Get an impression of the Lifeline Schools Uganda!

Abschlussfeier der Vorschule

In Uganda haben weder die Absolventen der Grundschule noch der weiterführenden Schule  eine Abschlussfeier, aber Absolventen der Vorschule! Hier sind Impression der Feier in November 2012, woran Schüler, Lehrer, Eltern, sowie die lokale Presse, ein Vertreter des Stadtrats und Oliver von Glocal LifeLearn teilgenommen haben.

Eine Parade durch die Kleinstadt Bukedea kündigt die Absolventen- feier der Vorschule an. Die Absolventen begrüßen die Eltern, Lehrer, Direktoren und weitere Gäste. Der Grundschulchor heizt die Stimmung an!