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Facts & Figures


Glocal LifeLearn was founded in February 2011 by seven founding members and has been registered (under VR16795) with the district court of Cologne as a non-profit association since May 4, 2011. Glocal LifeLearn has since served its members as a platform for the development and  eventual realisation project ideas and plans that align with the association’s purpose to reduce poverty through education.

The origins of Glocal LifeLearn lie in the educational sponsorships programme Lifeline Uganda. After a two month sojourn in Uganda in 2009, Oliver Mundy and Julia Wagemann together with Julius Adome Ben to launch Lifeline Uganda. In order to provide the programme a solid legal basis, it was decided to found an association that acts as a platform. 


Glocal LifeLearn has 16 active and supportive members.

Project countries

Glocal LifeLearn endeavours to provide long-term support to its educational sponsorship programmes Lifeline Uganda and Take.Action in Uganda. A separate project whereby a school in Costa Rica was provided with school books for their English lessons was also run by Glocal LifeLearn.


Here you can read our association's charter (in German).