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English books for a school in Costa Rica

Glocal Lifelearn equipped in 2011 in collaboration with Weitblick Marburg a school in Costa Rica with 30 English books.

The school is in San Rafael, a community near the touristic town of Santa Elena and the large Monte Verde national park, the main tourist destinations of Costa Rica. Many wish to learn English as there is the opportunity to find work in tourism.

Our partner in Costa Rica is Nicolas Pedregon, an American Peace Corps volunteer working together with the municipality of San Rafael. During his two year stay he saw that learning materials in English were lacking, despite the strong demand to learn the language.

Glocal LifeLearn co-funded 30 school books with Weitblick Marburg, a student association of the University of Marburg that supports educational initiatives such as this one. Mandy Müller from Glocal LifeLearn coordinated the project.

The books are now used by teachers of the communal school in English lessons. Nicolas additionally used the books for an extra-curricular English course that he offered to students of the school twice a week for three months. Because of course’s popularity, Nicolas extended the lessons to three times a week with the agreement of the parents.

Apart in tourism, a good knowledge of English is also required in trade which is also an important employment sector in Costa Rica, as North American markets are not far.

Glocal LifeLearn hopes that the English books provided to the local school will be used to improve the English skills of many school children impacting their future positivity.